05. Press the 0 key on your numeric keypad to do a RAM preview. The text is animating into existence over a period of three seconds. If you feel this is too slow, drag the keyframes closer together. You can also add Easy Ease keyframes to make the animation less linear by dragging a marquee over the keyframes and pressing F9, or rightclicking (Ctrl + click) and choosing Keyframe Assistant > Easy Ease.

06. Create a new solid, the same size as the composition and in any colour. Ensuring you have the solid layer selected, type ‘CC Particle World’ in the Effects panel and once the list has filtered to show the effect, drag it onto the composition window.

07. In the Effects panel for the CC Particle World solid, turn off the grid and reduce the birth rate to 20. Change the velocity to about 0.80, and set the animation property to Jet Sideways. Finally, adjust the Producer Position X value to line up with the start of the text. Adjust the values to suit your own preferences.