02. Select the Text tool and add your title text – I’ve used the words ‘Digital Arts Presents’. Select the text and change the font to Univers 55, 60pt. Set the text colour to white and use the title safe guides to align it to the centre of the composition.

03. Make sure you have the text layer selected, then twirl down the disclosure arrow to the left of the Source Name in the layers panel. Click on the arrow to the right of the Animate option and choose Enable Per Character 3D. Click the Animate option again and choose Rotation from the pop-up menu.

04. Set the X rotation to 90 by clicking on the value in the timeline properties. Move down the timeline to 1 second and set a keyframe on the Range Selector 1 Start property by clicking on its stopwatch. Move to 4 seconds and set the Start percentage to 100%.