Step 13
Drag the mountains.png layer into your composition and make it 3D. At one second down the timeline, arrange your layer so that it sits lying down on the bookPagesGround object. Use the Pan Behind tool to move the anchor point for the mountains to the flat edge at the bottom of the layer. Keyframe the rotation property then move a further one second down the timeline. Rotate the layer so that it sits at right angles to the page.

Step 14
Test your animation by scrubbing along the timeline. The book should open and the mountains fold up out of the page to be sitting proud. Repeat the pop-up process for the other elements as desired, adding in a road, bushes and sun or clouds. The clouds and sun can pop up from beneath the book so they don’t stick out before the book opens.

Step 15
Add a new camera to your composition – we went for a standard 35mm. Add a null object and make it a 3D object. Parent the camera to the null object and then keyframe the null object moving around the scene to create nice angles. Alt/Opt+Click on the camera’s position stopwatch and type wiggle(2, 20) into the expression area to add a little automatic camera shake.

Step 16
Add a background of pure white by creating new solid layers and positioning them in 3D space to create three sides of a cube inside which your scene sits. Add additional flourishes to suit – we added a bit of sparkle using Trapcode Particular when the pages open, and a fake shadow under the book using a black solid layer, masked with a large amount of feathering to the mask.

Sam Hampton-Smith

Who: Sam is a graphic designer and author who lives and works in the north of Scotland. He spends his time writing, working on graphic design projects for business big and small, and illustrating for both work and pleasure.
Software: Adobe After Effects 7 or higher
On the CD or download: Files for this tutorial can be found on the cover CD or downloaded here
Time to complete: 2 - 3 hours