Step 5
Highlight the current composition in the project panel, press return and rename the composition bookCoverFront. You can create a duplicate for the back of the book, or just use the bookCoverFront comp twice – the pages will hide the text on the cover in our shot.

Step 6
Repeat steps 2-5 to create a 3D box for the bookPageSky and bookPageGround graphics, so you end up with three compositions: the cover, and two page compositions. On the page compositions you’ll need to use the same graphic squeezed down for the sides and top and bottom.

Step 7
Apply the Turbulent Noise effect to one side of the bookPageSky composition. Choose the swirly preset from the list of presets at the top of the Effects panel, then set the blending mode to overlay. Copy this effect onto the other three side faces, and repeat for the bookPageGround composition.

Step 8
We need to create a spine for the book. This is done in much the same way as before, but we’re going to create a Toblerone-style shape to make it appear a little rounded. Start as before, but arrange your layers at angles to accommodate a fifth face. Cover the ends with the same texture, and use the masking pen to cut a shape to fit perfectly.