After Effects tutorial: Papercut animation techniques revealed

How to produce a 2.5D scene that appears to be made out of paper, creating elements in Illustrator and then animating them in After Effects.


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tom said: How do you give the shape layer a transparent fill?

mreshane said: Dude, you're so talented, i really admired on how you propose your girlfriend, it's superb... Well done! :DBut for the animation tutorials i think there's a lacked mind if you take a look back.. :) something is missing..Thank you.

. said: This is a rubbish tutorial. Step 6 & 7 are all wrong.

poop said: Where isthe animation tutorial??????

Guest said: I mean step 8.

Guest said: and with the circle layers in reverse order, circle 3 on top and circle 1 on bottom...

Guest said: My step six looks a lot different than the step 6 pictured here.

G L Y F said: "creating elements in Illustrator and then animating them in After Effects"good tutorial for setting up the scene, but nothing about how to animate it ... a pitty!

adam said: Can someone tell me how to get the paper texture; as stupid a question as that mightseem

Pils Scheuler said: there is NO's merely a scene with an 'animation technique' e.g., 3d paper in aftereffects..which, if you like that sort of thing, is very good...well done Emanuele

Guest said: well, where is it? lol ><

Jesse Meeding said: The first 16 slides show you how to set it up, now how do you animate it?

Jen said: I don't see the animation part either. It stops at slide 16 when we add a light to it.. Animation should start now.

Tasanai muksuwan said: cool!

charlotte said: found it!

charlotte said: where do i select alpha matte?

Neil Bennett said: You should be able to see everything. Is it the video of the animation that's not working for you, or the slideshow for the tutorial?

Leah said: how come I can't see the animation part? do i need to subscribe?

Alan Figg said: superb, bravo bellisimi

Sharifbd16 said: The quality and content is great, and it is very quick and easy to follow along. I really look forward to seeing more. Thank you so much!

Guest said: Awesome tutorial, though I hit a snag on Step 6: "Drag the file and place it above the shape layer." The paper layer should be BELOW the shape layer (as pictured in the screen cap).

e11world said: Beautiful and I love that I just bought a new computer with the Quadro4000

Nazar Malyy said: Amazing!

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