Step 6
You can create the illusion of the planet being in space by colour-correcting the darkest areas of the planet to be pure black. This won’t work when the fireworks give the whole scene a colour cast, but if you scale up at these points this will hide the bounds of the layer. Add a Curves Adjustment (Effect > Colour Correction > Curves) and drag the bottom part of the chart down a little.

Step 7
Select the planet layer once more and press R to show the Rotation properties for the layer. Add a keyframe at frame 1 for 0° of rotation then move to the points at which the scale changes and set different values for rotation. Keep this subtle and consider skipping this step if you have movement in your original footage.

Step 8
You could try animating the original footage in scale or vertical position to see the effect it has on your planet. Combining scale keyframes in the final composition with position keyframes in the source footage can create a beautiful pulsating effect that is extremely effective.

Sam Hampton-Smith

Sam is a designer and illustrator based in the cold bit of Scotland. He works in print and web design as well as in motion graphics. He is a frequent contributor to creative magazines. In his spare time Sam is an avid reader, musician and photographer. His portfolio is online here.

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