After Effects & Photoshop tutorial: Create cosmic glows and lighting effects with particles

Learn how to produce a stunning particle animation without having to render it in 3D, then discover how to make a striking hi-res graphic from it to flesh out a branding campaign


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enamul hoq said: Its a great work..background remove

sheniquishandreantendequero said: ty

Fahad Ali said: bhai aap ka ai to fan ho gya by Godwese mere paas kuch or hai shayad aap kuch mazedar help dai sake

PaulT. said: A*W*E*S*O*M*E*!!

Shan said: Fantastic tute machan

Buwaneka Saranga said: Thanks Mike :)

Mike Hutchinson said: Only if you use the Newton plugin.

Mike Hutchinson said: Some really great ideas, well taught and clearly explained.

Buwaneka Saranga said: It's not impossible, but it'll be very very hard and time consuming. It's easier to generate this with particular rather than drawing in every line and detail. Follow the tutorial as it says, it's quite easy to pick up.

Kelseafreeborn said: is it possible to make this completely on photoshop for a poster?

Phil said: Thanks for the tutorial. Used it here:

Buwaneka Saranga said: The spherical shape is given to the effect by Trapcode Particular's spherical field (physics field). There are no different shaped physics fields in particular yet (hope there will be in the future), but you can carefully mask out the effect to a desired shape.

Buwaneka Saranga said: You can mask off the particle effect in shape of text, or you can render out several stills and create text in Photoshop.

Buwaneka Saranga said: That looks great! Nice to see you experimenting with it.

Helga Novelli said: That's cool! Thank you. I was wondering how I can wrap the particles around other shapes instead of a sphere.

Cheesling said: Is it Possible to add this affect to letters or a word?

moe teen said: Thank you for a great tutorial!!!! I tried to add the light effects in AFX by duplicating the particle layer, reducing the quantity and increasing the size at the beginning. In the end I added some starglow which I don't like too much. Cheers again for the tutorial! Great work.

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