After Effects tutorial: Animate a 'falling-to-earth' zoom effect

Step 10
Now for some distance fog. Go back to Active Camera view, create a new solid (RGB: 227, 227, 227), place it over the camera in the timeline, and set the following opacity keyframes: At 0:00:00:00 set it to 75 per cent, at 0:00:03:00 set it to 60 per cent and at the last frame, set it to 10 per cent.

Step 11
Last step is some colour correction to get rid of the Google Earth-ish colour palette. Create a new Adjustment layer, and place it on top of all layers. Set its opacity to 100 per cent at 0:00:03:00 and 25 per cent at the last frame.

Apply the following effects: Levels, Color Balance and Brightness & Contrast and set these values: Levels: RGB Channel: Input Black: 80. Red Channel: Input Black: 25. Green Channel: Input Black: 8. Blue Channel: Input Black: 20 Color Balance: Shadow Red Balance: -10 Shadow Green Balance: -5 Brightness & Contrast: Brightness: -15 Contrast: 25.

Step 12
Now enable Motion Blur for all layers (besides the top two), enable global Motion Blur too, and you’re done!


Motion Blur is essential for a project like this, but its use early on can prove a resources hog. If you are planning on using Motion Blur, then ensure that you apply it as late as possible in the project to speed production.

WHO: Stelios Nikolaou is a 22 year-old motion designer from Cyprus, living and working in Athens. He started experimenting with animation at age 12. He’s currently building a tutorials section on his site. Check it out.
SOFTWARE: After Effects
TIME TO COMPLETE: 45 minutes
DOWNLOAD FILES: All files for this tutorial can be downloaded here.

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