After Effects tutorial: Animate a 'falling-to-earth' zoom effect

Step 3
The next step is to align each layer with the one below it. In the Heavencomposition, turn on the solo switch for the two layers you’re aligning (1.jpg and 2.jpg).

Now select the 2.jpg layer, set its opacity to 50 per cent and scale it until it’s aligned with the one below it. When it’s just right, hide and show the upper layer to make sure they’re aligned correctly. Repeat this for 3.jpg – 10.jpg (align 3.jpg with 2.jpg, 4.jpg with 3.jpg, and so on).

Step 4
Ensure layers are turned on with 100 per cent opacity, then convert to 3D layers (Layer > 3D Layer). Create a new camera (Layer > New > Camera), go to the timeline start, and add a keyframe for its Position, Point of Interest and Z Rotation values.

Set Z Rotation to -2. Go to the timeline end and use the Track Z Camera Tool to move the camera towards and through the ground, and the composition turns black. At the last frame, set the Z Rotation to 9.

Step 5
Select the Camera’s three keyframes in the first frame, and set them as Easy Ease Out. Expand the graph editor of all three animated properties, select the Position keyframe in the last frame, and move its control handle up, until its Velocity value is about 580 pixels/sec.

Repeat for the Point of Interest keyframe in the last frame. For the first frame, drag the control handle of Z Rotation to the right, then drag the control handles of Position and Point of Interest to the left until they’re very close to the keyframes themselves.

Step 6
Create a new composition named Clouds1, and set its duration to 6 seconds. In this composition, create a new solid layer (Layer > New > Solid) and name it Cloud.

Now go to Effect > Noise&Grain > Fractal Noise and change its settings as highlighted in the screenshot. Duplicate the solid (Ctrl/Cmd+D while selected), name the duplicate layer CloudMASK, and hit F3 to open up its Effects Window.

Set the Contrast to 280, Brightness to -50, and Complexity to 13, then expand the Transform properties (of Fractal Noise) and set its scale to 250. Set the CloudMASK layer as the Luma Matte of Cloud.

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