Design symmetrical character art
The beauty of this image lies in its simplicity: it’s so clean and neatly proportioned that it radiates effortless charm. One key reason for its clear-cut appeal is its symmetry – by its very nature it’s balanced and orderly, but it retains a sense of movement. It’s also got a sort of comical formality, partly because its symmetry and background make it look almost like a heraldic crest.
Creative duo LouLou & Tummie show you how to use Illustrator to create a symmetrical, character-filled banner. You’ll hone your use of the Pathfinder tool to build new shapes, and tweak lines to give them a sense of flow.

Discover tattoo illustration techniques
Want to produce clean and detailed line work but with a hand drawn edge? Not sure whether to use the pen tool in Illustrator or a tablet in Photoshop? With his stunning tattoo-style designs, digital illustrator and ‘part-time thrasher’ Chris Parks has all the answers and more in this tutorial.

Draw realistic liquids in vector art
Creating convincing liquid effects in vector illustration can be a tricky business. Luckily, Jing Zhang has provided us with this tutorial that shows you how to make a real splash with your art.

Master dynamic gradient techniques
Many works that look complicated are really made from simple elements. In this tutorial, Russian artist Alexandra Zutto shows how to build up complex, beautiful images by patiently layering and building up small, straightforward segments, always varying them to prevent monotony.