Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Master dynamic gradients

Create soft gradients to add depth and beauty to your vector artworks.


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Kaltstrom said: Student: Hmm, I am going to learn some new sweet techniques!!Tutorial: "now you make all lines separately and place and rotate them individually.."Student: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

nick said: Very fine illustration! Alexandra Zutto .. she's a great artist

Clipping Solutions said: I am very impressed with your blog you did a very hard job. and I appreciate that sharing a helpful post, great job!Clipping Path Service

Toothlover said: done in less than 2 days

Yoshan Bisanka said: Great tutorial for any

Yoshan Bisanka said: One of the best illustrations I've seen on the web.

Scootoss said: What a wonderful illustration. Thank you for sharing your methods.

stheartisegirl said: Pick the points and then add the color you want to those specific points!

stheartsiegirl said: I think this was a great tutorial, loved to see your workflow!

archer01 said: there are way more tutorial showing how to make a brush its basic .... and plzz dont criticize jst like that........ if u knw ur software then its not that difficult

archer01 said: just try to add colors rather than gradient filling

Brush said: a lot of information is missing, not a good tutorial. ( to make the brush?)

Amber said: wont let me gradient fill on the nose after i use the mesh tool on it? how do i fix this??

Bryan Matias said: Off the eyes?" To add depth, I made a glossy reflection using a radial gradient of opacity (create a two-colour gradient with the same colours and make the outer colour transparent). Select all eye shapes and group them (Cmd/Ctrl + G)."

trebor said: could use a bit more information here. How do you create the reflections?

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