Step 15 Now the droid’s base should be on top of the blurred strokes. Select both the base of the droid you’ve just pasted and the grouped strokes, then Object > Clipping Mask > Make (or Cmd/Ctrl + 7). Strokes bleeding outside of the shape are now contained within the droid’s outline.

Step 16 Out of personal preference, I added some additional blurred shapes to the droid’s pink eye. These were created in the same way as the strokes, but with filled-in shapes.

Karan Singh

Who: Karan Singh is an freelance illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. He’s had over four years experience working in a studio and independently on projects, ranging from typography to apparel design to illustration. When he’s not illustrating he’s writing for his self-initiated design blog, Pig Bimpin’. Drop him an email at [email protected]
Software: Adobe Illustrator CS5
Time to complete: 45 minutes

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