Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Faux 3D finishes in Illustrator

Step 12 Create a new layer above the droid and call it ‘Effects’. Use your newly created brush to create a 3px highlight stroke in white (#FFFFFF) in the top left edge of the shape, then a 3px shadow stroke in dark blue (#022E44) in the bottom right edge of the shape.

The locations of the highlights and shadows are defined by the direction of your light source.

Step 13 Blur the highlight and shadow strokes by selecting one stroke. From the top menu, choose Effects > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

As with the inner and outer glows, the blur radius is usually relative to the site of the object. In this case, I chose a 20-pixel radius. The larger the radius, the softer the colour. Repeat the same process for the shadow stroke.

Step 14 You’ll notice that the blur is bleeding past the surface area of the droid. Our next step is to create a clipping mask to rectify this. Group the highlight and shadow strokes by selecting both of them, and then Cmd/Ctrl + G.

From the droid layer, select the base of the shape, copy it (Cmd/Ctrl +C) and paste it in place (Cmd/Ctrl + F) in the ‘Effects’ layer.

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