Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop tutorial: Create symmetrical vector character art

Combine shapes and textures with vectors and symmetry to radical effect in this tutorial by illustrator Jonny Wan.


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Enamul Hoq said: All tutorials are written in simple language and its very descriptive......We optimize your product images for e-commerce. You save time, spend less, and sell more. clipping path

Yogesh Mankani said: A very nice tutorial and it is featured in our list of best Photoshop Tutorials of year 2014. Check here : and don't forget to give a shoutout on social networks :-)

Yogesh Mankani said: Nice tutorial, we have featured it here :

Demmy Chong said: Johnny Wan is outdated! He is artwork is so 2005!Does not get jobs anymore!

Afghankush86 said: symmetrical? Why do all that work? I draw half. Then copy paste flip. done.


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