Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Design symmetrical character art

Step 14 You will need to add some details to finish the illustration. Placing these randomly, rather than perfectly symmetrically, will liven up your illustration. These could be little leaves, dots, scales, extra curls – whatever you fancy.

Step 15 Now adjust the line weight to get it just right. Also, check that your shapes are fully closed by making them black – if the lines aren’t properly connected then the black will fill the artboard. You may need to reorder some of the shapes, moving them to the front or back.

Step 16 When you’re happy with the illustration in black-and-white you can start colouring. Some people prefer to colour as they go along, but you can often get a better feel for the lines and shapes when they’re black-and-white.Colouring is also much faster when your composition is already finished.

About this tutorial

About the author: Dutch illustration duo LouLou & Tummie are developing an ever-expanding empire of colourful graphics and characters. Led by their passion for toys, happiness, and all things cute or robot-like, they create upbeat graphics for magazines, books, ads, plushies, T-shirts and more.  

Their website is online at

Time to complete: 5 hours

Software used: Adobe Illustrator

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