Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Design symmetrical character art

Step 11 Make a simple flower out of circles. Create a circle and drag a guide from the top and side to the middle of the circle. Centre a small circle on the top anchor point of the bigger one. Tap R and Alt/Opt + click in the middle of the big circle, then rotate it 30º.  

Repeat this (Cmd/Ctrl + D) until you have enough circles. Select all and in the Pathfinder palette select Add to Shape > Expand.

Step 12 Finish all the flowers, leaves and curls on one side of the illustration. When you feel this side looks good, select all the flowers, curls and vines and use the Reflect tool to copy and flip it.

Step 13 Now for the faces. Create a mouth, as in step 5. Draw the eye, the freckles and cheek on the left side and then reflect them to the right. Again, use a guide in the middle to keep the face symmetrical – this is a great timesaver. Group the face (Cmd/Ctrl + G) and place it on the flower. Rotate it (R) to fit.

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