Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Design symmetrical character art

Step 5 Drag a rounded rectangle for the mouth and a smaller one for the teeth. Drag and copy the ‘tooth’ (Shift + Alt/Opt), then Cmd/Ctrl + D to repeat this. Copy the mouth and teeth, choose Divide in the Pathfinder tool and ungroup. Delete the parts you don’t need and place the teeth back in the mouth.

Step 6 Create a leaf by dragging a circle, then using the Convert Anchor Point tool (Shift + C) and clicking on the top anchor point of the circle. Select this anchor point and nudge it up a little to give the leaf a point, making it a teardrop shape. Place the leaf according to your sketch and make multiple copies. Adjust the outer leaves so that they fit your sketch.

Step 7 Drag a small circle. Select it and grab it by the left anchor point. Hold Shift + Alt/Opt and move the circle to the right until it snaps to the furthest right anchor point and release. Use the Cmd/Ctrl + D to copy this action.  Draw a curve and reflect it to create the bottom part of the flower, then join the endpoints. Select all the circles and the bottom shape and then select Pathfinder > Add to Shape > Expand.

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