Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Design a geometric op-art poster

Step 2 Centre this square on the document and, while selecting it, bring up the Scale dialog box (Object > Transform > Scale). From this enter 98% and then select Copy. This will then create a centred copy of the square at 98% of its size. Select the Transform Again function for this second square (Cmd/Ctrl + D) to duplicate this. Hold the keys down to repeat this until the square look very dark in the centre. Zoom in and remove any squares that have overlapping borders.

Step 3 Now we need to do a similar technique but with a line. Create a new layer and add a 1pt black line down the middle of the page. Now bring up the Rotate dialog (Object > Transform > Rotate). We want 200 lines, which equates to a 1.8-degree rotation on each to make a circle.

Step 4 Enter 1.8° in the dialog box and again select the Copy button, which will leave the original line but also creates a copy that has been transformed with a 1.8 degree rotation. Select this new line and hit (Cmd/Ctrl + D) repeatedly to run the ‘Transform Again’ function until you have made a complete circle.

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