Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop tutorial: Design amazing mosaic effects

Create a cool look using Illustrator’s Symbols and Global Colors.


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designerwannabe said: what does "close the file but don't save it" mean?????

sara said: hi,can you help me about creating design mosaic effect just with photoshop So that is exactly like the picture. Thank you

Taymint said: it looks really really good

Syahban said: Thank you for such amazing tutorial.

Acadia_1415 said: Thank you so much for this uber-amazing design. I actually managed to do it...well, a more simple version of it. But what a great work of art. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Ward Kirkendale said: This really looks amazing. Every time I think I can start on it someone walks in and wants to chat. So frustrating.

Neil Bennett said: Sorry that it's not working for you. What browser/OS are you using?

huajie said: Can you tell me why as I click the next step it does not turn to the next step.

Neil Bennett said: Sorry. Redesign gremlins again. Link is now working.

Josu Sanz said: The files are not available to download, please can you upload them again?. Thank you!

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