Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Create X-ray vector art

Evert Martin explains how to animate a piece of line art


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Mike said: How do you make it so its semi transparent?? Cant get that part down

Gaurav Gadani said: Hi Evert, is there a video of this tutorial??? Been trying but my lines are messed up when I use blend mode. Thanks

Alandra Jm said: make sure to hit object-blend-MAKE after selecting all the lines you are attempting to blend. once you have made it, keep it selected and you can then open the blend options to play with the graphic further.

Sophi said: Hiya, Can someone show me their line drawing before and after blending? i am gettin myself confused i think :( Sx

amateur said: great tutorial! made this in 20mins

Frank Aaron Seager said: I dont get this result at all, all i get is thick lines without the fading, any ideas?

Pepa Ivanova said:

Guest said: forgot to attach it

Pepa said: Thank you for the tutorial :) First try and a few minutes spent, and got this result :) With more practise and playing around with the blend tool, lots of cool stuff can be done

shermin said: alt+command*+B

Irene Monica Tan said: Thanks for sharing the technique Martin! :D

Sini said: Thanks for the tutorial, simple, easy and greats results ;)

Patrick Santos said: stunning! I'll try this!

Tanner Field said: Great tutorial

wes said: the blend wont work. in on cs 5.1

Martin said: thnx

martin said: i like. thnx

Martin said: Nice tutorial! Tanks!

Daniele Cavoli said: Made a Koi fish :)It would be interesting to know some theory behind the blend tool, such as which lines connect to others and so on, just to have more control of the outcome and minimize the randomness

Erik Jam said: genial!! (Y)

Zse said: THX for tutorial!! nice one ;)

Guest said: great!

Guest said: great!!

Guest said: Thank you Evert Martin, such a great idea! I cannot upload the image, here my first try:http://francescapadovan.tumblr...

Guest said: Thank you Evert Martin, such a great idea!http://francescapadovan.tumblr...

Guest said: Thank you Evert Martin, such a great idea!

Guest said: Great idea, thank you Evert Martin!

Guest said: Such a cool idea, thank you..this is my first one...I'll try with animal skulls soon!

guest2 said: Has anyone tried animating it in after effects? I have AE but not cinema 4D

LunChen said: when i select object>blend, nothing happens. what am i doing wrong.

Evert Martin said: hey, try to make the lines into a hair line, it looks like you are using 1pt lines, trt using 0.25pt strokes.

lenie said: oops, wrong post! how can I delete that, there is no "edit":(.

lenie said: Evert, really cool tutorial! Thanks!

Guest said: Evert, thanks for tutorial!

Blake Hardeman said: Hey Man this tutorial looks awesome but I think I'm doing something wrong, can you help me out here? I want to try to get the same effects as you but mine looks, different. Thanks.

Evert Martin said: Hey there!I'm working on one at the moment, a lot of people asked me already so keep tuned, i will post one here.

evert martin said: Wow! the horns are amazing!! very very well done!!i would like to see more!

gryfin said: Can anybody record a tutorial movie? I can't do it...

Che Araña Yion said: like it :)

Guest said: tnks … 4 this amazing tutorial :D

Stefanovic said: Hi, I'm trying this tutorial and would love the final effect, though without a doubt I'm doing it wrong... Is anyone able to provide the lines they drew just before they used the Blend tool? I know this initial outline is key to making or breaking the effect

Guest said: Hi, I'm trying this tutorial and would love the final effect, though without a doubt I'm doing it wrong... Is anyone able to provide the lines they drew just before they used the Blend tool? I know this initial outline is key to making or breaking the effect...

Stefano said: Oh deer, oh deer

chenjen said: really thanks. it's a fast technique 2 minutes only

Haris Hidayat said: Thanks. Got it figured out sir. :)

Haris Hidayat said: Just went through the same issue.

Guest said: Nothing really happens when I reach Step 4.The Blend option doesn't seem to work. I'm using 1000x1000 px canvas

Guest said: Hello , brilliant tutorial but when i open the file in c4d the splines don't line up no matter how much tweaking i makeAny suggestions ?Thank you

Michael said: thank you! but the website interface to large to copy the tutorial in word file. any way its great tutorial.

pedro said: nice short tutorial with a great result. thanks a lot.

Ewa said: I am amazed! Very new to Illustrator and absulutely stunned with this tutorial and my result!:) Thank you!

Guest said: First attempt, love this tutorial!

Evert Martin said: There are a couple of ways to do this.You can do it in photoshop be tweaking your colors, also in illustrator by trying stuff with some gradients. In this case it was done in c4D with lighting and a bit of ambient occlusion. :)

TiELO Esguerra said: I can't seem to get the fading line effect thingy, mine looks like it's just been duplicated many times. help? awesome tutorial btw ;)

Evert Martin said: great! You did very well!

notti said: Hi!Your design and illustration is wonderful :) Thank you so much for sharing this technique ! This is what I got so far

evert martin said: great work!!

Evert Martin said: amazing! great work!

versevorm said:

versevorm said: Here's my result

versevorm said: thx for sharing

Artur said: Really nice idea, thanks!

Evert Martin said: Mmmm I have to see it before i can help you out.Can you send me two images of your creaton?One image without blending and one image with [email protected]

Matt Lewis said: I can't get it to look right? After creating the lines and blending, it doesn't hold the shape of the skull I'm using. Any advice? Am I not contouring correctly?

Evert Martin said: Glad you love it! Thanks

Evert Martin said: Thanks!

Evert Martin said: I would love to see [email protected]

Evert Martin said: Great! Looks good!

Wen Di Lim said: Hey awesome tutorial. thanks! :)

salma said: thanks alot i used this one to make an insect head

Guest said: Thanks for the tuto, after 2h of training i have good result ! :)

Guest said: the end in c4d i just selected and deleted all the needless Slpines.

deniel777 said: What should I do? Blend Lines goes 0,0, C4D.

Sagar Dewang said: I love this!

Belindq said: This technique is also great for creating abstract art. Learnt something new. Thanks for sharing!

evert martin said: hi there! sorry for my late response! send me a mail with the file, so i can have a look at it!

diana said: please answer my question above

Diana said: Cinema 4D doesn't want to open my illustrator 8 file. Why?

sunyy said: 怎么样才可以精确地画出想要的轮廓呢

evert martin said: yes it happens some times.. or the problem is to many lines.. or you double blended fewer lines..

mart said: why after I blend, all lInes are moved , and messed up?

Evert Martin said: thanks! :)i'm curious of what you are creating! :)

Sildi VEVO said: Awesome tutorial! You have to play with the lines in order to get nice results

Evert_martin said: haha, sorry about that! :)

Lisider said: The Illustration is lovely and the tutorial was wonderfully easy to follow but the obsessive compulsive in me has to point out that the animal being drawn is not a Deer but a Moose.

Evert Martin said: Make sure you have at least 2 lines (or more) selected.and than as rookie says (alt+ctrl+B)

Rookie said: did u do the move of making? (alt+ctrl+B)

123thedude said: I'm very new to Illustrator and kind of confused here. I tried drawing the lines with both the pen tool and the pencil tool. Then I've done as directed in the next step with regards to Object>blend>Specified steps. But nothing seems to happen here. What am I missing?

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