Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Create vintage type styles

Bobby Haiqalsyah explains how to create a stunning piece of retro typography in Illustrator


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Joel A. Ohmer said: Step 18 .... what star tool settings?

ijiewr said: terrible tutorial, ever

derp said: lol, what??

Simon said: Actually this is not a tutorial. It involves typo-making knowledge and lacks of a lot of details. It is good as a reference for inspiration. But not really useful for people not skilled in font creation.

Jessica Simms said: Thanks for the tutorial. I understand every step, except for Step 3. I've tried several combinations but I can't seem to get past the using the Align Stroke option. No matter how I try it, by the time I add and subtract the shapes to the letter, it's always unavailable to select. I even tried creating a path before adding each shape.

Leathertramp said: First of all, thanks for the tutorial.I agree with the other commentators on the lack of detailed explanations. Nevertheless I really appreciate the tutorial & the help it's auther offers to those who are willing & able to follow through with it. Unfortunatly I must say that I can very well understand why alot of people might encounter more than just a few problems when trying to achieve the same beautiful typographic effects the tutorial aims for. I believe only due to the fact that I myself have been working with Illustrator for a very long time already I was able to finish it with the same result as the auther. Therefore the tutorial fails in being of didactic quality while still giving a very helpful hand to the people who have already reached an intermediate/advanced level of Illustrator-skills.So still: thanks :)

Da said: agreed. this screams for detailed explanation - i was done by the step 15...

Speaklow21 said: I appreciate the work involved here and the beauty of the final product, but this tutorial could sure use some more detailed explanations and screen grabs of what you're doing. By the time I reached step 13, I was done. I wonder if anyone else has been able to follow this? Beautiful work though!

Umar Jamil said: It's awesome but i think it's needs some heavy sort of PC right?

Marcin Nowysz said: that's amazing, going to try it tomorrow!

Alan said: awesome, love those Sanborn fire maps

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