Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Create summery poster artwork using Illustrator CS5

Step 11 Dashed lines have always been a simple tool in Illustrator – now they’ll intelligently understand the shape you’ve created, making them tidier. To practise, create a basic shape – a square or star will work well. In the Stroke panel select the Dashed Line option and set a dash and gap size.

Step 12 You’ll see that the dashes don’t meet well in corners at first. To the right of the Dashed Line option are two new buttons: the left button is the traditional setting. Click the button on the right to shift your dashed line to handle points and bends much more neatly.

Step 13 One new tool that can make certain tasks more efficient is the Shape Building tool, which can merge shapes incredibly simply. To start, create two shapes, position them so that they overlap, and select both with the Selection tool. Don’t group the shapes.

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