Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Create summery poster artwork using Illustrator CS5

Step 2 Now move onto the detail: I drew all the houses using the Pen tool. If you’re creating a residential landscape then four different designs of house will usually give the scene enough variety to look natural without having to illustrate each one individually.

Step 3 You’ll notice a lot of copying and pasting; if you’re quickly repeating elements with the Selection tool, hold Alt and drag a copy away from the original – this creates a duplicate. With these basic elements created, we’re ready to move onto Illustrator’s new tools.

Step 4 One of the most useful new tools in CS5 is Variable Stroke Width. To get started, draw some simple curved lines using the Pen tool, leaving the stroke weight at 1pt. You can experiment with more complex Pen tool lines or sketchy Pencil tool lines later.

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