Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Create a retro-style comic

Using an image from an ongoing project, Toby Leigh explains how he turns an initial sketch into a polished piece of art


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Patrick Hochstenbach said: You can add the halftone effect selecting a <color>/white foreground background color and then fill an area with color (where <color> is your preferred color). With the area selected go to:Filter -> Filter Gallery ... -> Sketch -> Halltone Pattern.

Bob said: I couldn't agree more with Best, it fell very short indeed. This seems more like a mini case study of sorts rather than how to actually achieve the effect especially the halftone, because anyone who has used Photoshop knows how well the halftone feature works.......NOT. Now if there were just a bit more detail involved with a more detailed step by step approach because call me crazy that's what a tutorial is.

corvaxlorax said: I love the idea of this tutorial but feel like the execution of it falls incredibly short of being an actual tutorial for creating a retro style comic. The details of the piece are what make the comic feel retro -- the fake mis-alignment of the colors, for example, mimicking registration mistake -- are not actually explained or addressed, which makes this tutorial boil down to: draw some things then trace them...

TAxi Porto Seguro said: Wow, nice tutorial, thanks!!

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