Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Create quirky 3D imagery in Illustrator

Step 8 Now select the blue circle and once more use Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel. Select Isometric Top again, this time with an Extrude Depth of 208pt. Select Jaggy from the Bevel drop-down menu and set the height to 16pt. Lo and behold, the bellows of our ‘bellows-in-a-bell-jar’ have popped into existence.

Step 9 Now we need to add some shadow to the bellows. To do this, select Plastic Shading from the Surface drop-down menu and then click the More Options button. Set Light Intensity to 100%, Ambient Light to 11%, Highlight Intensity to 3%, Highlight Size to 90% and Blend Steps to 25%.

Select Custom from the Shading Color drop-down and select a mid to dark grey (or enter these values: C41 M33 Y33 K0). Then click OK.

Step 10 Now we’ll start to make the bell jar. Select the Rounded Rectangle tool from the Tools palette. Click on the artboard to bring up the Options dialog box and put in the values shown. Click OK.

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