Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Create lush, glossy vector images

Discover how Illustrator’s Gaussian Blur can transform your art


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code00 said: my bad. found out a little later on you actually can create the clipping mask in isolation mode. so not too sure what problem you might be having.

code00 said: on this particular step try exiting isolation mode before making the clipping mask.

Federico Crespo said: man, i have a problem, when i tried to do the same steps with another figure in another file it became IMPOSSIBLE! it's really frustrating cuz i have no problems with your file, but really can´t with a normal square or circle that i put in other file, could you help me to discover why?!

William Ben said: That was an awesome tutorial! The colors are very cleverly chosen to get the perfect illustration.Online Logo Design Company said: super great,

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