Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Create a Death Goddess inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead

Use Illustrator’s pressure-sensitive ‘Blob Brush’ to bring a hand-drawn illustration to, er, life.


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dahhh said: wait wait wait how do they convert the image color to blue ink??

derp said: These are all pretty simple shapes using the pen tool and what not. Explaining every simple shape would take too long.

Theresa said: Where did you get the book of motifs for inspiration and reference?!?

Denis Sultu said: There is a lot of steps missing in this tutorial and lots of explanation of how to do certain things. For example some of the shapes were not made with the blob brush as they are too perfect like the circles and nowhere is that mentioned. Also nowhere do you mention you need to send items back on forward so they overlap correctly.If you are a begginer like me don't waste your time. You'll start all excited until you realize you can't progress any further due to lack of explanation this tutorial has. This is made for pros.

Caroline said: Shift B

Wan Mohd Rahim said: how many layer do you use?

CartooNa 99 said: fantastic tutorialI'll shared this in my blog

elisha said: Hello, where do you find the blob brush tool? i am having trouble finding it. I am Using CS6

fucker said: go fuck yurself

Guest said: I am very much into sugar skulls and she is very beautiful. Now I know what stroke I am going to use for my sugar skull.

ade hensuska said: Greetings from me,Thank you very much, you have given a lot of lessons about creativity using adobe illustration.And for all the tutorials there, all very great. Your work and hope to continue to exist and continue to be made​​.

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