Flash Pro tutorial: Design kick-ass characters

Step 11 Lock all layers and create a new layer called ‘HB Body’. This is where we’ll draw the main body only, skipping the arms and legs. Because we’re not joining all parts in one layer, draw the body as a closed shape, overlapping the character’s head. This is so that we can fill with colour later on.

Step 12 Once the body is completed, we’ll use the Line tool to add the arms and legs. Remember to create each part in its own layer, and extend the lines over the body. To separate the legs, draw the left leg first then clone and flip it horizontally, as we did in step 8.

Step 13 Now you’ve learned the key techniques for drawing in Flash, let’s do the female character. The only tricky part is creating the bow: for this, it’s a good idea to rotate the tracing image to make drawing the bow easier and more accurate. Unlock the ‘Trace’ layer, select the image, select Modify > Transform > Scale and Rotate (Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + S), rotate it –33°, draw the bow and then rotate it back.

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