Flash Pro tutorial: Design kick-ass characters

Step 8 Use the Selection tool (V), to drag a selection area approximately halfway over the face, and copy this selection (Cmd/Ctrl + C). Once it’s copied, clear everything by selecting all (Cmd/Ctrl + A) and hitting Delete. As we need both sides of the face, paste the selection in twice by hitting Edit > Paste in Place (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + V), and flip it horizontally by selecting Modify > Transform > Flip Horizontal. Drag the halves so that they merge.

Step 9 Drag the halves so that they merge. To finish the face, use the Line tool (N) to draw the beanie detail. Lock the ‘HB Head’ layer and create a new layer, naming it ‘HB Mouth’. Use a combination of the Line tool and the Oval tool (O) to draw the mouth.

Step 10 Now use the Align tools to fix the mouth position: double-click on the line of the teeth, hit Cmd/Ctrl + G to group it, select the grouped object and the large circle around the mouth, and hit Cmd/Ctrl + K to align. Untick the To Stage box, then tick the Align Horizontal Center box. Use the same procedure to align the positions of the head and mouth.

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