Flash Pro tutorial: Design kick-ass characters

Step 2 Jot down some basic concepts. At this stage I’ve got keywords such as thunder, skull, goth and emo hair, and pages of rough sketches. Try to avoid using an eraser when doing concept drawings – I’ve come across many happy accidents from those messy lines. After all, nobody sees these messes except you!

Step 3 Let’s develop the character. Pick your favourite design, and refine the details. During the process of sketching, I’ve built up ideas of the characters’ personality and background stories: this teenage bunny couple are heavy metal fans. Not only do they love music – they also play instruments. So I’ve designed some matching features to bond their identities, such as the star skull beanie and bow, thunder symbols and stripes.

Step 4 Coming to the final stages on paper, let’s create a style guide. I’ve made a basic ratio guide, with notes on the sizing and positioning of the characters. We then prepare a drawing for trace on computer based on the guide, scan it and we are ready to roll.

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