Flash Pro tutorial: Create an anaglyphic 3D game in Flash

With the recent vogue for all things retro 3D, it seemed timely to create a Flash-based example. In this tutorial, Flash developer Charles Maragna shows you how to build up a scene that’s viewable in anaglyphic 3D using a standard set of red and cyan-lensed glasses.

Anaglyph 3D works by superimposing two slightly different versions of an image over each other. These different versions are then tinted, and when viewed using red/cyan glasses create the illusion of depth.

While the anaglyph process can work with some colour schemes, it works best and most consistently with black and white images. In this masterclass you will learn how to create a bitmap duplicate of an existing MovieClip, as well as how to convert it to black and white and tint it correctly for the 3D process.

Your cornerstone will be a static scene which you’ll be able to rework to your own requirements, as shown in Charles’ Asteroids-style game.

In our Download Zone, you’ll find a Flash project file to work from, plus a completed project for reference.

Step 1 Open AnaglyphScene.fla. Open the Library panel (Window > Library or Cmd/Ctrl + L), and drag the MovieClip called Scene to the work area of the Scene Layer, but not into the viewable region of the Stage.

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