Flash Pro tutorial: Animate character art

Step 14 For JB, the layer order is: head, arms, body, drum, and legs. Note that the arms overlap the body in the shoulder area. Use the Selection tool to make a selection of the upper body section by clicking and dragging. Then perform a Copy > Edit > Paste in Place to paste this part of the upper body in a new layer over the arms. 

Step 15 Let’s make JB’s head swing like a metronome. Use the Free Transform tool (Q) to click the head symbol, then drag the little white dot to the bottom centre of head where it joins with the neck. Make this a Motion Tween, on frame 1, 17 and 33. Set the Rotate value to -15 in the Transform window (Cmd/Ctrl+T). In frames 9 and 25, set Rotate to 14.

Step 16 Use what you’ve learned in this tutorial and complete the drumming motion for JB – don’t be afraid to play around and get creative. Finally, spice things up with a pre-animated background, by dragging the ‘Background’ symbol from the Library to a new layer at the very bottom, aligning it to centre-stage, and you have a rocking HBJB animation.

About this tutorial

About the author: New Zealand-based artist and designer Paul Shih is originally from Taiwan. His work is about events, characters, and is inspired by his surroundings to create a visual world that tells the story. His Hollow Threat characters have also appeared as toys, phone covers and T-shirts. He has websites online at paul-shih.com and hollowthreat.com.

Time to complete: 3 hours

Software used: Adobe Flash CS4 or later

Download: You can download the resources for this tutorial from here (free registration required). The first part of this tutorial is available online here.

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