Flash Pro tutorial: Animate character art

Step 11 Continue to make the head bend forwards on frame 4: use the 3D Rotation tool, clicking and dragging the red vertical line to the right about an eighth of the circle, so that the head is now floating in the air. Use the Selection tool (V) and click the head symbol, then hold Shift and drag it down to halfway down the body.

Step 12 In frames 7, 13 and 19 the head should be up as in frame 1 – follow the last step, except dragging the red line to the left. In frames 10 and 16 the head should be bent down – to give it a little groove bend the head a little less than in frame 4, dragging the red lines about a 16th of a circle.

Step 13 Now you’ve learned some tools for animating characters, repeat these steps on the other character, JB, starting by setting up the Movie Clip symbol for her. There’s only one set of arms in the Library so put these into position first, then copy and paste the arms and select Modify > Transform > Flip Horizontal to duplicate the arms for the opposite side.

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