Flash Pro tutorial: Animate character art

Step 8 As it creates the bone structure, Flash also generates a new layer called the ‘Armature’ layer; the original layer you made the bone system in will be empty, so delete it. Now we can animate the bones. Select frame 19 of all layers. Right-click, select Insert Frame, and on frame 4 of the ‘Armature’ layer, use the Selection tool. Click and drag his hand up as shown.

Step 9 Here, I’ve noticed that the elbow is misaligned. To fix this, use the Selection tool, hold down Cmd/Ctrl and drag the HB rArm2 symbol to a position where the elbow area looks right. Continue to create poses for every third frame. For the strumming motion, frame 7 should be a downward strum, then frame 10 an upwards one, frame 13 should be downwards, frame 16 upwards, and 19 downwards.

Step 10 Now that HB is rocking his guitar, let’s make him rock harder by adding a head-banging motion. Right-click on any frame of the ‘HB head’ layer, click Create Motion Tween, go to frame 4, use the 3D Rotation tool (W), and click on the head symbol. 

In the Properties window, use the tab 3D Position and View: set the Vanishing Point X value to 401 and Y to 200.

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