Flash Pro tutorial: Animate character art

Step 5 It’s important to get everything in the right place and order. From top to bottom the layer order should be: head, body, arms, guitar, legs. Drag the elements to position as shown in the screengrab, then use the Free Transform tool (Q) to rotate the arms. Make sure HB rArm2 is in front, right-click on the symbol, click Arrange > Bring to Front, and finally, repeat step 3 to create thick outlines for the legs.

Step 6 Click the Scene 1 tab to return to the stage and drag the HB symbol from the Library to a new layer named ‘HB’. With the symbol selected, set the position in the Properties window (Cmd/Ctrl + F3) to X position: 586, Y position: 355. Increase the frame rate for smoother animation – click on the stage to deselect, then in Properties set FPS to 24.

Step 7 Now HB is all set for animation. Double-click on the HB symbol: we’ll use the Bone tool (X) to animate his right arm. Select the Bone tool and define his bone system, clicking and dragging from shoulder to elbow, and then again from the elbow to the edge of his hand.

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