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    Eizo ColorEdge CG318-4K monitor review

    Eizo's ColorEdge CG318K-4K is a true 4K monitor – twice over. And it's the best monitor for designers, artists (whether digital, CG or VFX) or video editors we've ever reviewed.

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    Eizo ColorEdge CG303W review

    Eizo’s ColorEdge CG303W is, quite possibly, the best monitor an artist or designer could hope for. It combines a superb panel and incredibly accurate colour output.

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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 review

    Premiere Pro CS5's key new feature is the Mercury Playback Engine for faster real-time performance, but there's also many more additions in Adobe's video editing tool.

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    Poser 8 review

    Poser 8 offers a quick way to create and digitally shape humans, animals and entire scenes in 3D for use in creative applications such as Photoshop.

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    ColorMunki 1.1 review

    The ColorMunki offers easy-to-use colour management tools for a wide range of creative users through its three versions: Create, Design and Photo.

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    Apple Color 1.5 review

    With support for Red and other formats at up to 4K and new ProRes flavors, improved workflows, the new Color 1.5 is indeed a bird of a different colour.

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    GridIron Flow review

    When was the last time you bought a piece of software that changed the way you work? GridIron Flow is a rare example of a groundbreaking technology that fulfils a genuine need within the creative community.

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    Final Draft 8 review

    Final Draft 8 is a solid sequel to what has become the industry-standard screenwriting tool, offering an updated interface, feature enhancements, and a new file format.

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    Eizo FlexScan S2242W review

    To create the FlexScan S2242W monitor, Eizo has essentially shoehorned a 24-inch monitor’s specifications into a 22-inch shell and offered for a budget price.

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