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    Eizo ColorEdge CG303W review

    Eizo’s ColorEdge CG303W is, quite possibly, the best monitor an artist or designer could hope for. It combines a superb panel and incredibly accurate colour output.

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    Autodesk Maya 2010 review

    Compared to the raft of new additions in Maya 2009, this version might seem rather light in terms of groundbreaking features in the main package itself.

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    iClone Pro 3 review

    For the release of iClone 3, Reallusion has added a Pro version to the home user-focused 3D tool for quickly putting together 3D scenes for pre-visualization.

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    Eizo CG241W 24-inch monitor review

    Though many creatives are buying 30-inch monitors due to their massive resolutions allowing fine detail to be displayed, similarly-priced 24-inch models such as Eizo’s CG241W offer strong competition.

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    PFHoe 2.0 review

    While The Pixel Farm’s own PFMatch and PFTrack suites, or 2d3’s Boujou meet the needs of the Soho VFX set, PFHoe is of interest to studios looking to composite 3D elements and graphics into their footage realistically, but without breaking the bank.

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    Cinema 4D 10 review

    Cinema 4D’s latest incarnation represents a considerable overhaul of how the program looks and works. First impressions are good – the redesigned interface is readable and refined...

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    Moujou review

    Moujou is a matchmoving plug-in for Maya from 2d3. It takes its functionality from Boujou, the company’s popular standalone camera tracking application.

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    ColorEdge CG220 review

    Eizo is attempting to tackle death of the CRT with its latest ColorEdge monitor for designers, the CG220. It offers the same focus on colour – being the first LCD monitor capable of displaying the whole gamut of the Adobe RGB colour space – and has an inevitably high price.

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