• Price When Reviewed: 2100

  • Pros: Offers realtime preview rendering, import options, and real-world camera correlation.

  • Cons: There’s a considerable learning curve for the target audience, and it’s very expensive.

  • Expert Rating: We rate this 8 out of 10We rate this 8 out of 10We rate this 8 out of 10We rate this 8 out of 10We rate this 8 out of 10 We rate this 8 out of 10

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StoryViz is not really aimed at mere mortals. It’s intended for those who need to illustrate and previsualize a movie or commercial before shooting – directors, visual effects supervisors, production directors and 3D animators, for example. As such, it’s up against that other new pre-viz product, Antics from Kelseus.

The idea is a simple one: in a 3D version of a storyboard you create your sequence as a series of animated shots using 3D models, lights and background textures. StoryViz ships with a model library, but we only had a few examples of this to play with in our test version.

You can import 3D models and animations from later versions of Maya or 3DS Max (though not version 7 as yet) through the use of the StoryViz plug-in. You can import 3D scene or prop models from sequences in RealViz ImageModeler.

 align=right border=0 /> </div>There’s a timeline window (which has its own peculiar conventions) where you assemble the sequence of shots over time, as well as providing access to sound, dynamic links, cut cameras and animations tracks for editing. A properties box provides control over settings for objects and sequence components while a curve editor can change duration and interpolation of animations. 
<b>Lost in space</b>
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