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  • Pros: A full-featured matchmoving package that offers a robust manual toolset and fast automatic solutions.

  • Cons: Slow when interacting with 3D geometry and the dark interface theme could be better thought out.

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Unless you’re creating an FX shot completely in 3D, at some point you’ll need to combine 3D rendered elements with live footage. For this complex task you’ll need a matchmoving tool to calculate the motion of the camera (or objects in the scene) directly from the footage.

RealViz’s MatchMover Pro is one of the leading matchmoving programs, and version 4 has an all new engine called SMART. The manufacturer claims it’s between six and ten times as fast as the old engine.

The process of matchmoving relies on the 2D tracking of points in a field of view, and uses the concept of parallax to calculate the depth of a scene. For example, if you’re walking along a road, a point near to you appears to be moving much further in your field of view than a point that’s far away in the distance. This is the concept of parallax, and it’s one of the ways the brain calculates depth.

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Matchmoving software uses special algorithms to calculate how near specified points within a sequence of footage are to the camera, by examining their relative on-screen motion. The software examines the footage, and samples a number <BR>
of points to track in 2D. Once this information is gathered, the 3D reconstruction can be performed. 
MatchMover Pro 4 offers automatic and manual matchmoving options, or you combine the two methods as you see fit. Trivial jobs, such as manually tracking the four corners of a moving billboard for replacement with another image, are straightforward, and the software handles more complex matchmoves too. 
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