• Photoshop CC review

    The end of software in a box is marked by a respectable upgrade in Photoshop's capabilities.

  • Illustrator CC review

    Ben The Illustrator puts the brand new version of his namesake tool through its paces.

  • Adobe InDesign CS6 review

    InDesign CS6 doesn't look as different as Illustrator CS6 or Photoshop CS6, but there's much that's new.

  • Linotype FontExplorer X 2.0 review

    FontXplorer X 2.0 is a simple-to-use but powerful font management tool for individual Macs, with plug-ins for Photoshop, InDesign and QuarkXpress.

  • QuarkXPress 8 review

    QuarkXPress 8 doesn’t add any real blockbuster features, but it does add the kinds of tools that long-time users have been clamouring for.

  • Painter X review

    Painter’s top new features as touted by Corel are RealBristle painting and Divine Proportion - though there's much here that should appeal to illustrators and artists.

  • QX-Tools Pro 7 review

    QX-Tools Pro 7 is the latest release of the popular collection of Quark XTensions, comprising 15 XTensions designed to boost the DTP tools’s capabilities.

  • Quark Interactive Designer review

    Quark Interactive Designer is an XTensions kit for QuarkXPress that lets you set up interactive Flash presentations from within the DTP application.

  • Freeway Pro 4 review

    Given that the last full version of Freeway was released six years ago, you can’t accuse Softpress of issuing upgrades on a whim. Freeway 4 is certainly a significant upgrade.

  • Illustrator CS review

    Illustrator CS is an old-fashioned upgrade that just gives you some new graphics and type tools to play with. It’s got eye-candy, in other words.

  • Canvas 9 review

    For graphics artists fattened on a diet of Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia FreeHand, the lure of ACD Systems’ Canvas has most likely passed you by ...

  • InDesign 2.0 review

    The world of DTP – once the vanguard of art and digital creativity – has often taken a back seat in recent years to the ...

  • PageMaker 7 review

    This was a bit of a surprise. PageMaker 6.5 Plus was supposedly the grand finale in 1999, after which Adobe hinted that the hoary old ...

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