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  • Pros: Well-designed software and Web interface; fast to copy data from.

  • Cons: No RAID facilities. Slow to copy files to.

  • Expert Rating: We rate this 7 out of 10We rate this 7 out of 10We rate this 7 out of 10We rate this 7 out of 10We rate this 7 out of 10 We rate this 7 out of 10

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This model was reviewed as part of our group test of NAS drives.

With only a single drive at its core, the Network Drive Pro is the simplest of the NAS units we’ve looked at here. It’s also the smallest – about the same size as a standard clock radio – and reasonably attractive. Its curved silver chassis has a glossy black front with buttons lit by blue LEDs.

It’s also the quietest of the NAS devices we’ve looked at, especially if you use the Hot+Silent setting, which is accessible through the well-designed Web interface. Using this mode constantly does reduce the overall life of the device though. In standard or Hot+Silent modes, you could easily have this device sitting on your desk, so it’s appropriate for even the most compact studio set-ups.

Being based around a single drive, Network Drive Pro’s usefulness as a NAS is limited. However, if you need a simple sharing drive without secure backup, it’s worth investigating. The bundled Network Storage Assistant for Mac and Windows offers an easy way to configure the device, access the equally well laid-out Web interface, or add or remove shares.

The Web interface offers more advanced control over users and groups. Despite being an entry-level device, we were surprised at how many advanced features the Network Drive Pro offers. It even allows backup to USB 2.0 drives via two ports on its front, with a Sync button to make the process easy.

Possessing only a single drive, the Network Drive Pro was fast to copy data from but rather slow to send files to.


Total capacity of review unit: 1TB
Number of drives: 1