• Clear for iPhone review

    Why are so many of us forever in search of the perfect to-do list manager? I think it’s because we all have an unending list of tasks we’d like to accomplish, and we’d rather blame our imperfect tools than our imperfect selves.

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 review

    Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 powerful tools for PHP programmers, a new tool for inspecting CSS, support for popular PHP-based content management systems, and a few nifty tweaks too.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 review

    Photoshop is a key tool used by most Digital Arts readers. Here we put the final released software through its paces to see if it's a worthy upgrade.

  • Apple Logic Studio 9 review

    Logic Studio 9 upgrades the full suite of applications, but a single new feature called Flex Time could have the biggest impact on the way you work.

  • Olympus Pen E-P1 first look review

    The Olympus E-P1 digital camera looks like a classic rangefinder model from the film era, but has much in common with a modern digital SLR, including interchangeable lenses.

  • Adobe Flash Catalyst beta review

    Flash Catalyst aims to make building a Web application as easy as it is to design one in Illustrator and Photoshop, allowing non-techie designers to take part.

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 review

    Dreamweaver has become associated with website creation in the same way that Photoshop is identified with image editing. However, despite some tantalizing treats, there are few reasons to upgrade.

  • Adobe Flash CS4 review

    There are some things in life that you look forward to with trepidation, and if you’re a regular Flash user, the CS4 version is certainly one of those.

  • BBEdit 9 review

    BBEdit is a feature-packed editor includes support for a huge array of programming languages, has absurdly long menus, and preferences that make your head swim.

  • Softimage|XSI 7 review

    The standout new feature of 3D modelling, animation and rendering application XSI 7 is a visual programming environment, ICE (Interactive Creative Environment).

  • Lightbox Photo review

    Lightbox Photo is a tool that allows you to create your own image-sales site, providing a quick and easy way to sell your artwork as digital files, or physical art pieces.

  • Adobe Director 11 review

    Director has been notable by its absence in the successive Master Collections, so it’s refreshing to see this old stalwart of the multimedia-authoring brigade decked out in Adobe’s new livery.

  • Microsoft Expression Blend 2 review

    Microsoft’s Blend is the heart of Expression Studio, the company’s suite of tools that allow designers to create rich Internet applications and user interfaces with Microsoft.NET technologies.

  • Wirefusion 4.0 review

    Demicron’s latest version of this Web multimedia tool is as simple to use as its predecessors. It has the same logical structure and methodology for creating interactive 3D elements but with a new, cleaner interface. It’s Java-based, but you don’t need any programming knowledge to build applications and objects for streaming into Web pages.

  • Portfolio 7 review

    According to Extensis, a lot of designers and photographers are in denial about the fact that they actually need a product like Portfolio.

  • TourWeaver 1.1 review

    TourWeaver, from Shanghai-based EasyPano, lets you link several immersive spherical images via hotspots to form a guided tour – for instance you could create a tour of your house with hotspots on the doors to take you to the next room. You can link to still images, movies, sound files, and to URLs ...

  • Combustion 3 review

    One of the most enticing new features in Combustion 3 is the built-in editing capability. The Edit tool exists as an operator (as Combustion calls its effects nodes) and creating edits is easy). However, as an NLE, the Edit operator offers less functionality than iMovie.

  • Flash MX 2004 review

    "This is Flash as you know and love it, taken to the next level.” That’s part of the marketing blurb accompanying the launch of Flash ...

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