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  • Pros: High-quality output. Built-in calibrator. Plenty of options.

  • Cons: Expensive. Fiddly drivers. Web server not a print server.

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HP’s new range of 24- and 44-inch photo printers bring some innovative ideas to the large format market and are capable of producing some cracking prints.

The flagship Z3100 model boasts a 12-ink system: 11 colours and a ‘gloss enhancer’. An eight-ink model – the Z2100 – is available for users with more modest demands. Both printers are available as moderately-sized 22-inch models or as studio-dominating 44-inch behemoths.

 border=0 /> </div>The 22-inch versions are also available as GP models, which bundle HP’s Advanced Profiling Solution (a rebadged GretagMacbeth Eye-One Display monitor calibrator) – and the Z3100ps GP builds an Adobe PostScript 3 RIP into the printer itself, rather than using a software RIP such as EFI Designer Edition.
In short, there are plenty of possible combinations which allow the printer to be perfectly tailored to the differing needs of design studios, photographers and other creatives. Few creatives, however, will opt for the eight-ink Z2100 over the Z3100 unless budgets are particularly tight. 
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