Photoshop CS6 13.0.2 with Retina Display support review

Artwork by Alex Varenese
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Adobe's update for Photoshop CS6 adds support for the Retina Display used by Apple's MacBook Pro laptops. As similar update is available for Illustrator.

The updates are available to all owners of Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6, not just subscribers to Adobe's Creative Cloud software-and-services subscription bundle. The Photoshop CS6 13.0.2 update and Illustrator CS6 16.0.3 update for Mac can be downloaded from Adobe's website – or through Adobe's software update service, or Creative Cloud. The Illustrator CS6 16.0.3 update is also available for Windows in 64-bit and 32-bit versions, which adds some bug fixes.

We tested the Photoshop CS6 13.0.2 update on a 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro and discovered that there are two main advantages to the update: text on the interface is clearer and easier to read – and your photos and artwork are much clearer.

See the images below for examples of the differences.

Photo by Graham Boyd from our tutorial on creating vintage-style photos.

In the images above, the top one shows the original Photoshop CS6 on a 13-inch MacBook Pro in Retina Display mode. The middle shows it in 'Full-res' mode. The bottom is Photoshop CS6 13.0.1. This allows you to see the photo in more detail without having to squint at interface elements.

Photoshop CS6's interface on a Retina Display
Photoshop CS6 13.0.2's interface on a Retina Display
Photoshop CS6's interface on a Retina Display
Photoshop CS6 13.0.2's interface on a Retina Display

The above images show you how much crisper the interface is using the 13-inch Macbook Pro's Retina Display mode.

Adobe will announce a new version of Photoshop at its Create Now online event, which kicks off at 6pm UK time today. Judging from this release being announced this morning, this new version is likely to be for Creative Cloud members only, just like its updates to Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Edge Animate and Muse. You can watch the stream of Adobe's Create Now event on our site at 6pm today here.

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