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This release of StoryViz is free to owners of version 1.0, but RealViz has updated the software significantly. It’s now closely integrated with RealViz’s other product lines, such as the camera-tracker MatchMover Pro and the image-based modeller VTour (reviewed here). You can import 3D scenes from 3DS Max and Maya complete with cameras, décor, props, and lights.

As in version 1.0, a timeline provides the basis for a cut list. You then use the cut list to build up camera moves. Each element in the scene has timeline-based attributes, as well as a selection of properties including newly added constraints, materials, and shaders. A toolbar carries camera moves, keyframing, and motion path tools.

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You can assemble scenes in the application or import them from elsewhere. Sound can be added and visual effects applied, and any part of the scene can be edited in real-time. However, there are some quirks. For example, the playhead in the Timeline has to be controlled using Alt-drag and it sometimes disappears during playback – this is either an ill-advised interface feature or a bug.
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Character models are termed actors. These can be imported from various packages, or you can choose a generic actor from a list of samples. Actors, along with any other OBJ and GBX files (including project files) can be dragged-&-dropped directly into the application workspace. As before, you can make actors follow any motion path you create in the scene, while a posing tool offers the ability to manipulate limbs. It’s reminiscent of the effectors-based setup found in MotionBuilder, but not as flexible. However, FBX file support is one of the most useful new features in StoryViz.
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