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  • Pros: Nucleus unified simulation framework and nCloth module. Intel Mac support. Python scripting. Extensive new Mental Ray shaders. Useful modelling enhancements.

  • Cons: Nucleus and nCloth are available in the much more expensive Unlimited version only. Most systems can handle the basic Nucleus functionality, but advanced simulations will require beefier machines.

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This upgrade follows hot on the heels of Maya 8, and adds native compatibility with Intel Macs. However, it’s more than just a compatibility fix – the update adds a lot of new features, too, particularly in the field of simulations.

New advances are based around a unified simulation framework called Maya Nucleus. This is a linked particle system that allows simultaneous interactive simulations acting on a variety of dynamic objects. All of your simulations can affect each other and can be affected by the same forces and constraints, such as wind and gravity.

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