Eizo CG241W 24-inch monitor review

  • Expert Rating: We rate this 9 out of 10We rate this 9 out of 10We rate this 9 out of 10We rate this 9 out of 10We rate this 9 out of 10 Best Buy We rate this 9 out of 10

  • Price When Reviewed: 1149

  • Pros: Excellent picture quality. Fast response rate for 3D animation.

  • Cons: Output not as good as LaCie’s 526.

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Though many creatives are buying 30-inch monitors due to their massive resolutions allowing fine detail to be displayed, similarly-priced 24-inch models such as Eizo’s CG241W offer strong competition.

This latest addition to the ColorEdge range offers features not available on 30-inch displays, such as 12-bit hardware calibration. It’s also tailored for the 3D market, for whom the high-resolution of larger displays can be a disadvantage.
The CG241W has a stocky base that’s easy to raise and lower or swivel and tilt to get to your desired position. There are two DVI inputs, which is great if you use two computers, and the CG241W ships with a hood to keep glare off your screen. It’s a bit fiddly to put together, but has a flap at the top to allow you to hang a calibrator down.

Eizo ships its own ColorNavigator CE software for calibration, which is easy to use and works with all of the standard hardware models (we used an Eye-One Pro). It offers hardware cailbration – where the output is changed on the monitor, rather than on the graphics card, for better results.

Combined with the 12-bit LUT and 16-bit internal processing, this monitor’s output is outstanding – though it’s not quite as good with subtle details as LaCie’s pricier 526 LCD Monitor.

Where the CG241W also shines is with 3D animation. Its fast response time of 6ms means that animations and scene navigation move smoothly on screen, unlike many rival displays.

The CG241W is an excellent all-round display for digital creatives.

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