Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro first look review

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Built-in batteries across the line

Less obvious is the non-removable lithium-polymer battery, which offers substantially more time on juice than earlier models. The 17-inch MacBook Pro, which comes with the same 2.8GHz processor as the top-end 15-inch model, was the first in the lineup to get the integrated battery back in January. Apple says it can power the 17-inch model for eight hours, and I easily got about 6.5 hours of use without trying very hard when reviewing that particular laptop earlier this year.

The 75 watt-hour battery that's in the 15-inch version is the same one used in the new 13-inch MacBook Pro I'll be reviewing soon. According to Apple, it will last up to seven hours. I've never been able to duplicate Apple's battery numbers, but I was able to use this MacBook Pro for just over five hours without plugging it in, mostly while surfing the Web wirelessly, text editing and watching the occasional video.

That's the most I've ever gotten on the 15-inch MacBook Pro, and I didn't even turn down the screen brightness as much as Apple does when testing. Others, too, are seeing seriously better time on battery.

It's disconcerting to spend a few hours working and then notice that the battery indicator is still showing the battery half full. That's doubly true if you've used Windows machines that can run through a battery in less than two hours. It's akin to speeding down the highway and glancing at a speedometer that indicates you're doing just 20 miles an hour.

Given that the battery is no longer removable, you won't be bringing extra batteries on long haul flights. But Apple says the MacBook Pro will play full-screen DVDs at maximum screen brightness -- with the volume turned up to the max -- for 3.5 hours. It may not get you clear across the country, but if you turn down the brightness and lower the volume, you could still squeeze in two movies.

If you're concerned about not being able to replace the battery -- and one of my Mac guru buddies rushed to buy the last-generation laptop for just that reason -- Apple claims the built-in battery will last for about 1,000 charge cycles and shouldn't need replacing for five years.

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