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  • Pros: Excellent font management tools that help you find what you need.

  • Cons: No support for older versions of Mac OS X, InDesign, Illustrator or QuarkXPress.

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Extensis also rethought its approach to managing fonts in the Mac OS X system font folders. You can now activate and deactivate the optional fonts in the various system font folders, but Fusion won't let you deactivate fonts that are required by the system.

Like previous versions of both Suitcase and Suitcase Fusion (read our review), Fusion 2 can automatically activate fonts in applications that you specify, or that have a Suitcase plug-in installed. Fusion 2 includes plug-ins for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator versions CS3 and CS4, and for QuarkXPress 7 and 8.

These plug-ins also work with Fusion's high-level font identification and a matching feature called Font Sense, which identifies fonts very specifically and then adds that information to documents that contain those fonts as they're saved. When you reopen the document, even if you have several fonts installed with the same name, it will find and activate the exact font used in that document. You can enable and disable those plug-ins from within Fusion 2, so that updates to Fusion can also apply updates to the plug-ins.

The plug-ins also allow you to customize auto-activation behavior from within each supported application. For example, you can choose to let Fusion 2 auto-activate fonts used in linked graphics, activate entire font families when only one font is called for, deactivate fonts when the document closes or the application quits, and so on. From within these applications, you can also tell Fusion to create a new set from the fonts used in the current document, or collect that document's fonts into a folder -- this is especially handy in Illustrator, which lacks this feature. And because Fusion 2 can access multiple font libraries, the plug-ins let you control which library to use for auto-activation. This makes it possible to use different libraries for different clients or departments.