• Price When Reviewed: 595 . 765

  • Pros: Offers multicam editing, support for new formats including native HDV and Panasonic P2 media support, optimal real-time editing with Dynamic RT, and multichannel audio.

  • Cons: Fast and powerful Mac required, and a large amount of system hard disk needs to be reserved.

  • Expert Rating: We rate this 9 out of 10We rate this 9 out of 10We rate this 9 out of 10We rate this 9 out of 10We rate this 9 out of 10 Best Buy We rate this 9 out of 10

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Apple video products have a tendency to fill up an awful lot of space on your hard drive. So before installing Final Cut Studio, of which Final Cut Pro 5 is the editing component, we allocated 20GB of the system hard disk. But it turned out that this was a paltry allowance for Final Cut Studio – it needs a whopping 29.9GB of free space to install the full suite.

Even if you’re not installing Studio, integration with other applications is a prime factor with this release of Final Cut Pro. The new Send To menu lets you select one or more clips and open them in other Apple applications such as Shake, Soundtrack Pro, and Motion. You can embed Motion and LiveType projects directly into your projects and edit them like any other clips in the Timeline, playing them back in real time if you choose the Unlimited RT option from the RT pop-menu.

 border=0 /> </div>Final Cut Pro’s interface has undergone some changes for this version. In response to today’s bigger and wider monitors, you can adjust the size of the text in the Browser and Timeline, though the text in the rest of the windows remains the same. There are new interface features provided to support the very welcome real-time multi-camera editing functionality, including a new customized keyboard layout as well as keyboard shortcuts for switching or cutting to various angles. 
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